Do you or anyone you know feel like they were out of control? I have had a lot of problems in my life & just blew up. I would explode to my family, friends, Co-workers as well as my girl friend. I have tried too many times to just take a deep breath & keep calm but it just would not work. We all face challenges in our life that we try to just work it out, but it just happens all over again & again. Everyone knows that Jesus helps those who are hurting in every situation. There are passages in the Bible that helps us in our daily life. I love to read the Book Of Proverbs. It gives me the encouragement to have Wisdom. I read one chapter a day & try real hard to memorize it. I love to read & eat the word so much that I just want it to soak in my soul. Next time that you are out of control, focus on GOD & soak his word in your soul. It will do your heart, mind & soul good. GOD Bless ~ Andy Wilson: Administrator for Prayers For A Healing World.